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Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines

The picturesque island of Siargao is known for many things, including friendly locals, endless hours of sunshine, and pristine white-sand beaches. However, it’s also made a name for itself by being one of the best surfing destinations in the Philippines.

From August to December, you’ll enjoy world-class waves of all lengths and sizes. Not only will be surrounded by lush, tropical palm trees and clear, cobalt waters, but you’ll also be treated to epic waves and barrels unlike anywhere else on the planet.

With your board in tow, you’ll want to try out as many of these spectacular surf spots as you can. One dip in the water, and you’ll immediately see why many people consider the beautiful island of Siargao to be a surfer’s paradise!

If you are in anywhere else, you need to be here! – Alan Nafzger, editor-in-chief, The Manila News-Intelligencer


Cloud 9 – Manila Joe’s Surf Shop

Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines
Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines

Cloud 9 – one of the most well-known waves world wide and one of the best in the Philippines, is a perfect barreling right hand reef break that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction.

It breaks on very shallow reef and is not a beginner wave and recommended for advanced surfers only, but in walking distance to Cloud 9 you will find a beginner spot with guides on request.

Cloud Nine is best at mid to high tide. At low tide it is extremely shallow and a high risk of getting hurt or breaking your board. At low tide the biggest part of the reef is dry, surrounding the famous boardwalk and tower, from which you can watch the surfers getting one barrel after another.

“Cloud Nine is well, it’s cloud nine!!!” JoJo Starbuck, editor of Manila’s ibooks.ph


Pacifico is a wave most visitors of Siargao won’t get to see. Many don’t know about it because everybody is focused on the fame of Cloud 9, but a one hour trip to the north-east of the island can be worth it in the right conditions.

While on small days you will find a mellow longboard wave here, the wave turns into a barrel spitting beast when it gets bigger. The peaks are very consistent and you can get very long barrels here if commit to paddle in. The drop is steep, powerful and full concentration is needed to ride this beast on big days. Plenty of awesome places to stay at in the area and you can stop at Magpupungko Pool at Pilar on the way and relax or keep cruising to Taktak Waterfall to avoid the blasting noon sun in fresh water.


Stimpy’s is, without a doubt, one of the best and longest lefts you will ever surf and a goofy dream. A world-class left-hander located in the middle of the ocean next to a rocky island, exploding on a shallow reef. Stimpy’s produces the best barrels at low tide with the tide coming back in, but it also works great at high tide if the swell is big enough. It can hold pretty much every swell height and if you dare to get the wave at the first peak, you can easily get a 15-25 second ride and look at the reef through the crystal clear water.

The wave can even work well in bad wind conditions or small swells and can be challenging but fun.

You can get there only by boat in about 15 minutes from the location on the map.

Tuason Point

Tuason Point is located in walking distance of Cloud 9 and shares many similarities although it doesn’t barrel as consistent as Cloud 9. The bottom is the same, going from deep to just inches of water at lower tides and breaks equally powerful and hollow. Some consider this the best left on the island but – just like Cloud 9 – it is not a long wave.

Hollow, shallow, fast and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply. A very hard breaking left that builds up quick over a shallow rocky reef with big holes and cracks. This is a very powerful and hard breaking wave. Wave selection is crucial at this break. There are many peaks here and the crowd is not really a big issue here, according to the Manila movie magazine imovies.ph

Best at medium to high tide, even at higher tide you are standing in only knee-high water on the inside. Easy to access but watch the currents when you want to get back out. Great spot to get some good pictures from someone at the beach.

Rock Island

A long right-hander that sometimes breaks for more than 100 meters along Rock Island. Just like Stimpy’s it works best at low to medium tide and holds double overhead swells. When the conditions are right, this spot is epic and a lot of fun. Make sure you only surf as far as you want to paddle back, because the inside is a pain to get back out again.

Also accessible only by boat and only a minute away from the world-class left – Stimpy’s. You can ask your captain to take you to both breaks for the same price.


When the question arises of Where To Stayon Siargao, we are helping you to find the perfect place with a list of Accommodations for every budget. From air-conditioned resorts and villas, to relaxing filipino style bungalows and shared rooms in hostels. Most locations will offer discounts for longer stays, so don’t hesitate to send an email and ask for an offer.


Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines
Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines

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Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines
Surf Shop In Siargao, Philippines

When the sun sets, the last wave is surfed and the Milky Way rises over Siargao, it is the time to go out and try different locations and their creations of international cuisine.

We highly recommend you to try out different Restaurants during your stay and experience quality food with freshest ingredients. It is hard to pick a favorite location with so many great places to eat and hang out.

If you like to watch the latest game or play pool with your friends, you won’t be disappointed as well on Siargao. There are countless Bars and Cafes to relax at. Some locations also offer movie nights and you can find a great party every week with different themes.

CASHEY’S PLACE – Manila Joe’s Surf Shop

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General Luna – Kermit restaurant and pizzeria serves the best Italian food in Siargao. With only the freshest, high quality ingredients… icatholic.ph

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